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Woebgon Bassets, located in Southern California, began in 1999 with the arrival of our first basset hound bitch, Mandy. Ever since we have strived to produce bassets where each generation is better than the previous one, and always with our primary emphasis on health and temperament while consistently conforming to the Basset Hound Standard. We rescued our first basset hound in 1976.

We average less than one litter per year, and our puppies are raised in our home from day one. Our goal is always to produce sturdy, healthy and sweet tempered basset hounds, ready to be ideal companion dogs, but always with the potential to excel in the show ring. Judging from our results to date we have been very successful. We are very proud to be basset hound breeders.

As you enter these pages, you will meet all of our basset hounds over the five generations we’ve been breeding and see pictures of all our AKC Champions.  We use this website to share our love and passion for this wonderful breed and  to help educate the public about basset hounds.  Welcome.html

This website was created and is maintained by Don Bullock. He can be reached at basithd@yahoo.com

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