Dog Washroom & Storage

One of Pam's top priorities was to have a place where she could have a raised tub to wash dogs so she didn't have to wash them in our master bathroom shower. We also needed more storage space for all the things we needed when we had puppies and other dog related things we didn't use very often.

My answer to both problems was to have a shed placed back behind the area where the shop/garage was going. As can be seen in some pictures this shed was one of the first things we added to the property. I designed the shed to be a little longer than usual and made sure that the door and window were placed conveniently for what we planned to use it for.

For the inside we ordered a Booster Bath. It sort of dictated the paint scheme for the inside of the shed. A friend had some tall cabinets that he wanted to get rid of and they fit almost perfectly along the back wall of the shed. They now supply abundant storage for a lot of our dog supplies and one shelf holds several weeks supply of bottled water for emergencies. Up front by the door was a corner that was perfect for storing our whelping box.

Before we moved in the tub I tiled the shed. First of all I tiled the floor. We found some very cheap tan tile at one of the building supply stores. Yes, some don't match. After that was done Pam helped me place tile on the walls in the corner of the room where the tub was going to go. We wanted to make sure that if we spilled water that we wouldn't rot out the floor and walls of the shed. The tiles also added some extra ambiance to the shed.

The shed was set toward the back corner of the main flat level of the property. The door and window were placed on the front so that the whole back wall could be used for storage and the Booster Bath could go under the window.

Both Pam and the dogs enjoy using the Booster Bath. As can be seen in this picture the unusual green and gray of the Booster Bath was used to determine the color scheme for the room. Actually it looks pretty good for a couple of amateur tile setters and painters. We even added some pictures to the walls.

These cabinets with shelves hold a tremendous amount of things that we need occasionally for the dogs. They fit almost perfectly on the back wall. Actually the space at the end has an electrical plug and is wide enough to store things too. We usually put a broom in there but sometimes we use it to store one of our extra large crates. The four pictures in white frames are the Norman Rockwell series of the seasons depicting a basset hound in each one. The other picture shown shows a little boy bathing his dog in a tub.

Next to the Booster Bath in the corner of the shed we have a twelve gallon electric water heater. It supplies plenty of water to wash quite a few dogs. When it's not being used the electricity and water are shut off to save water and energy.