Forever Long Ears No Fear

Pictures below are from May 28, 2016

Nadia arrived on June 15, 2016 when she was four months old. This is a first for Woebgon Bassets. We have never imported a dog before. Nadia started showing in the fall of 2016. We're very excited to have her join the Woebgon Pack.

We have decided not to continus showing Nadia. While she has an excellent pedigree she wasn't doing well in the show ring. Because she's shown an outstanding ability to sniff things out we're going to try her at Barn Hunt.

Pictures below are from June 14, 2016 & Afterward

They were taken just before Nadia started her long journey from Hungary to California and after she arrived at our home.

The long van ride from LAX to home.

Finally HOME!

Early morning playtime with the girls.

Meeting Caicos and Miller.

At this point the boys, especially Caicos, were a little too big for her to be with them. That has since changed. They all love to play together.

Checking out our kennel building. This is where our girls have to stay when we're gone. Nadia learned to use the doggie doors very quickly.

Her name was originally No More and we asked that it be changed to No Fear. That was done after this video was made.

First bath.

First vet check.

Pictures below are from early shows.