In Memory of Our Former Co-Breeder

Heather Simonek

April 26, 1970 - September 26, 2009

Heather with Joy and Jack back in the benching area at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2008.

Heather was the heart and soul of our breeding program. Her love and enthusiasm for family, friends and animals was unparalleled. She is dearly missed. Heather died at the age of 39 from a case of the Swine Flu. She was like a daughter to us.

This page is dedicated to preserving Heather’s memory.

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Joy at WKC Show

In addition to breeding basset hounds Heather was one of the best handlers. She had a special gift for handling dogs, but she also studied what others did in the show ring. While most people sat and watched a show, Heather knew every dog in the ring and studied how each dog was being shown. She often took a dog in the ring for one of us because we just couldn’t get the dog to look right. Those of us who did take our dogs in the ring often got a little reminder of what we needed to do to show the dog better the next time. Some of us are much better handlers because of Heather’s example and help. Many of our dogs became AKC Champions because of Heather’s skills as well. The pictures on this page represent just a fraction of the dogs that Heather showed during her time with us.


Ch. Vogue’s Woebgon Mountain Dew


GCh. Ch. Woebgon’s Kickapoo

Joy Juice, ROM


Ch. Woebgon’s Moxie Original


Ch. Vogue’s Woebgon Black Jack


Ch. Woebgon’s Snow White


Ch. Woebgon’s Miller High Life


Ch. Vogue’s Woebgon Super G


Ch. Vogue’s Woebgon Cutie Pie


Ch. Vogue’s Woebgon Scooby Doo


Ch. Red Baron Barney


Gentile Greta Garbo Bar-B


Ch. Bearcrk-Moringwd SC Potter Too, RN


GCh. Ch. Houndwalker  Theodore T Bear


Ch. Beemac's Heart N' Soul


Ch. Penelope Rose IV


Ch. Chloe's April Shower


GCh. Ch. Brynmor Zenith

If you have a picture of Heather showing a dog that is not represented on this page or a better quality picture of one that is here please email the picture to me. I would like to display as many pictures of the dogs that Heather showed as possible. Make sure to give me the dog’s registered name and call name when you send me the picture along with any titles the dog has earned. Thank you.


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