Some breeders try to get away with their poor breeding practices by saying that their bassets are French Bassets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this or heard it from owners. A true French Basset would be bred to the FCI Standard for Basset Hounds and look a whole lot different than those claiming that they breed French Bassets. Our Lucy that we purchased from a pet store was an example of what many misrepresent as a French Basset. As Lucy matured she did not come close to looking like a purebred basset hound and her temperament was incorrect.

By Don Bullock

Over the years I have been asked this question regarding the AKC Standard  many times. While, breeding two basset hounds together does create baby bassets that shouldn't be good enough for breeders or owners. As some longtime breeders have reminded me lately, breeding dogs is basic animal husbandry and should be regarded as such. If the breeder doesn’t follow the breed Standard in choosing his breeding stock they get puppies that may not look and act like basset hounds. Just take a look at the average basset hound that you see at the local dog park our at pet basset hound events and you’ll see what I mean. While there are many wonderful, loving bassets that haven’t been bred to the Standard look more closely at their structure and perhaps temperament. Do they look and act like purebred bassets?

Why is the AKC Standard for the Basset Hounds important to pet buyers and owners?