My Workshop

A Dream Come True

I’ve always dreamed of having a workshop where I could set up my tools and make things. My main focus for the workshop will be to make things from wood. In the past I built some of the furniture we had in our home and hope to build more. Our former homes had traditional two car garages so my workshop space always competed with our vehicles for space. Since the home we bought in 2008 didn’t have a garage I was able, with Pam's support, to have a building constructed that would serve both as a garage and workshop. The building is 24 feet by 40 feet. It has space for two vehicles and space for my tools. Yes, we can actually park two vehicles in the garage half of the building.

Right now the workshop/garage is still in a mess. I’ve been too busy with projects around the house and the dogs to get the workshop organized. The house projects are starting to be completed and I'm starting to get things cleaned up and organized. I've been very involved in moving tools and furniture around some and beginning the task of making cabinets and a real workbench. My goal is to soon have the my workshop more functional so that I can work on projects. We also hope that within the next year that air conditioning can be added to the building. That will greatly extend the amount of time I can work out there.

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NOTE: At the present time my workshop is being totally cleaned and reorganized. This is a long overdue project that I've decided to get done as soon as possible. At this point I'm planning to be back up and running by the late spring of 2018. Until then most, if not all, my furniture and other fine woodworking projects are on hold. I will be posting some of my workshop organization projects as they are completed.

For those who haven't watched the video on the construction of my workshop I've included a link below.