Our Current Basset Hounds Appearing in the Show Ring

GCH CH Woebgon’s Nehi


One year after Heidi’s first show Pam showed her to finish her Grand Championship. Don and Pam plan to keep showing her occasionally.

GCHB CH Tradewind's Caicos


Caicos came to live with the Woebgon Pack from breeder/friends in Florida with two points toward his AKC Championship from a show in Florida. Caicos has now finished all the requirements for his AKC Championship and Grand Championship. We are very excited about this special addition to our pack. He’s a very sweet boy.

Caicos will continue to be shown in Best of Breed competition because Don enjoys showing him. He's doing extremely well in the ring. The judges like him. In January of 2019 Caicos is earned his Bronze Grand Championship. He also is turning six this year so we may start  showing him in the Veterans Class at Specialty Shows.

NOTE: Go to the Jack Bradshaw website page for a list of shows on their website. On that page scroll to the show you are interested in. Click on that link. The show’s Premium List provides information about the show and at least a week before the show a Judging Schedule will be posted. It tells how many of each breed are entered in the show, the time they are scheduled to be shown and the ring number they will be shown in. Please understand that dog shows run on time according to the judging schedule.

Upcoming Shows

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The dog show magazine Canine Chronicle provides the most comprehensive and an easy to use show schedule for the whole United States. We highly recommend using their Events Calendar for shows outside of Southern California.

Pixie is from our breeding of Miss Sassy to the brother of our Caicos. We had planned to keep both Star and Pixie but our friends, Ron and Mary Lukins, were in need of a possible bitch to start their breeding program again. While we were visiting at a mutual friend's home with the litter we casually asked if they were interested in one of the girls. They are thrilled to have Pixie and we're proud to co-own her with them.

Pixie now has finished her AKC Championship. Her wins included Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club for a 5 point major shown above. Pixie has been retired from the show ring but may come bask out when she's a veteran.

In 2017 Pixie produced a litter of three. Ron and Mary kept the two boys and Don and Pam have Lexie. Ron and Mary remain co-owners on Lexie and Mary has been showing her in the Bred by Exhibitor Class.

Pixie is owned by Ron & Mary Lukins of Desiree Acres Bassets and co-owned by Don & Pam Bullock


Dog shows are not a "beauty contest." The reason for shows is to prove the quality of "livestock." At dog shows our Basset Hounds are judged by licensed AKC judges against the other dogs at the show. The dogs that the judges feel best match the written AKC Standard for Basset Hounds are the ones who win. This Standard is important to all who love our breed. It should be the goal of ALL breeders to be working toward dogs that match their Breed Standard. At Woebgon Bassets we are very proud of the Bassets we show and how well they have done in the AKC show ring.

If you want to know if we are attending any of these shows or anything regarding dog shows just send us an EMAIL. Please feel free to contact us regarding anything about shows and showing. We'd be glad to answer you.

Lexie was bred by our good friends Ron and Mary Lukins of Desiree Acres Bassets. Since Pam and Don co-own the mother, Pixie, they are also considered breeders of this litter. This is another first for Don and Pam. They hope to work more with Ron & Mary in the future.

Lexie has finished the requirements for her AKC Grand Championship.

Basset Hounds are judged at dog shows by licensed judges according to this AKC Standard for the breed.

Desiree Acres Black Tie and Sneakers


Baz was bred by our good friends Ron and Mary Lukins of Desiree Acres Bassets. He is one of Lexie's brother Since Pam and Don co-own the mother, Pixie, they are also considered breeders of this litter. With the permission and blessing of Ron and Mary Don & Pam also co-own Baz. They hope to work more with Ron & Mary in the future.

Baz has completed  the requirements for his AKC Championship. He is occasionally being shown in Best of Breed competition.

Tradewinds Tropicat Edition at Woebgon


Emmy was bred by our friend, Jeffie Casey, in Florida. She's partially related to our boy, Caicos, whom we got from Jeffie.  Pam has recently started showing Emmy after the long break from dog shows due to COVID - 19.