Episodes of the Podcast

Episode 0 It's Live

An introduction to Don Bullock and what he plans to include on the podcast episodes.

Episode 1 It's Live

Our First Dogs

Episode 2 It's Live

Lucy Woebgon Big Paws

Episode 3 It's Live

Finding a Good Breeder

Episode 4 It's Live

Glaucoma in bassets - Chili's Story

Episode 5 It's Live

Bloat could Kill your basset! - Sam's Story

Episode 6 It's Live

Getting Our First Champion, Bassets Eating Habits

Episode 7 It's Live

Our First AKC Champion, splenic tumors, adding a second basset hound to the family

Episode 8 It's Live

Selecting our first stud, How much bone should a basset hound have?

Episode 9 It's Live

Our First Brood Bitch, Good breeders and rescue can, and do, work together.

Episode 10 It's Live

Fraudulent Puppy and Rescue Websites - How to spot them

Episode 11 It's Live

How pet scammers hook people --Actual examples of puppy and rescue scams

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