When we rescued our beagle mix boy, Ruffy, from what was called the Pound in those days for some reason we were looking for a basset hound. I have no idea why. About a year later we were back looking for a basset.

Maggie was there waiting for us. Her name was posted on the cage door and when Pam called her name she responded by getting excited and wagging her tail. The bond developed quickly from there.

Looking back at those times we realized how beautiful Maggie was. She was a substantial basset with plenty of what we call type. She had heavy bone, long ears, wrinkles and large paws. She was a beautiful girl.

Unfortunately Maggie’s temperament was not as good. She would literally fight other dogs for food and attention. We had to be very careful with her and over the years we broke up many fights that she initiated with our other dogs. Perhaps today that’s one reason we feel that the temperament of our bassets is a primary goal. We fully understand what poorly breed basset hounds can be like.

Maggie with Lucy

Maggie did get along well with us and was friendly with the other dogs most of the time. It was just at certain times that she’d get aggressive and start fights. Unfortunately it wasn’t always possible for us to predict or prevent her aggression. Most people don’t understand that a dogs breeding (pedigree) does have something to do with temperament. That’s one reason it’s mentioned in the AKC Standard for Basset Hounds.

NOTE: Notice the strange coloring on top of Lucy’s head in this picture (she was our pet store mistake). It turned gray. When we tried to contact her breeder we only got a cursory response stating that Lucy was well bred and not to bother her any more. Any problems she had had nothing to do with her. Obviously, despite what the pet store claimed, Lucy didn’t come from a reputable/responsible breeder. She came from a small puppy mill. See Lucy for more on her.

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